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Starting scheduled meetings XX mins prior to scheduled start
John T Robertson 01/05/2007 08:51 AM
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 7.5 Windows NT/2000

I recently attended the Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar, sponsored by The View. The seminar was very informative. Chris Miller, Director of Messaging and Collaboration, Connectria, presented the info thoroughly and was very entertaining. Highly recommend. End of the plug...

During the seminar we asked about options and enhancements. One we needed at our company is for the scheduled meetings to start 15 minutes early for preparation and configuration testing. This setup time is sometime necessary as some desktops may not be configured properly for the meeting room. Chris did some research after the seminar and responded to us with an answer.

From Chris Miller (
Here's the answer on starting the meeting early. This was added with Sametime 7.5

To adjust the meeting start time, the key MeetingStartEarlyMinutes needs to be defined in the [Config] section of the servers sametime.ini file.


Also, this doesn't work if they're running EMS; it can be done with EMS, but in that case it requires modifying a configuration file that is packaged in a jar.
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I successfully tested this with scheduling through the Notes calendar integration and using the web meeting center scheduling.

I just wanted to pass this on to everyone as it is currently undocumented.


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