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Sametime and SPNEGO
Ben Williams 11:49 AM
Sametime Standard 9.0 All Platforms

SPNEGO works nicely (to an extent) but what doesn't work is the fall back log in. All of IBM's Sametime documentation skates around a fall back log in page though references it in a single sentence. I have tried using but it doesn't work. I have tried setting the fall back log in in the ISC to .../stmeeting/login.jsp but again it doesn't work.

If a non-SPNEGO configured browser hits the meeting server then the browser gets an error and it doesn't revert to a log in page so the user can authenticate manually.

Has anyone got this working?

I tried using the redirect html page on the actual Community server which is not configured for SPNEGO. I wonder whether the server hosting the redirect html needs to be configured?

The meeting and STProxy servers both have a WebSphere proxy fronting them for HTTP->HTTPS redirection. I have been trying to find out a way for the proxy to server up the html page like IHS and /htdocs directory but information is scant.

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