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As Email option bizzare behavior
Wongo Wongo 11/08/2012 12:13 PM
Sametime Connect Client 8.5.1 Windows

We have one user use As E-mail option under Tools -> Send.
Here is odd behavior we are running into. Trying to find out whether this is a bug.

During the chat session, user clicks on Tools -> Send -> As E-mail.

It brings the chat into body of the new message but it also brings info. that's not in the chat window.

e.g. /html> pan style="font-size:9pt;font-family:Segoe UI;color:#000000;">

and totally random date (Feb 9th) chat.. See below..


5:38:00 PM John Doe - <body of the message>
/html> pan style="font-size:9pt;font-family:Segoe UI;color:#000000;">testing testing testing

Feb 9, 201212:52:03 PM Joe Second - <body of the message omitted> 12:52:10 PM Mary Lamb - <body of the message omitted>
12:52:27 PM Mary Lamb - <body of the message omitted>\

Any ideas....Is this a bug..?

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