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STConnection and Connection classes
Vijay Vujjini 02/04/2004 05:26 PM
Deverloper Toolkits 3.0 Windows NT/2000


I am using sametime 3.0 c plus plus sdk and STSession Class has a getConnection() method that returns the pointer to the STConnection class object. But I don't find any reference to STConnection Class in the sdk include files and i only see "Connection" class in the sdk.

Any idea why i don't see STConnection class definition? Interestingly the developer guide document has reference to STConnection and the interface methods and properties are similar to the Connection class thats present in Connection.h file.

I am going crazy trying to get a relationship between these two classes. Any help would be of great help.

One reason i am trying to understand this is that...when USER A is im session with USER B and then close the imsession and signout of sametime server and signs in back again... if sametime USER B now tries to send an im to USER A, USER B gets a ST_CONNECT_BROKEN error message. Any ideas or comments on this issue would of some help to debug further. Any communication initiated from USER A to USER B works fine.


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