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Geeting logged out from Sametime server
Ruchi Punetha 05/03/2012 02:30 AM
General 8.5.2; 8.5.1 Windows

Hi All,

After a long time I am again back to the forum.

i am facing issue while connecting to Sametime server.
This issue is for only one profile deployed on which are application is deployed. this profile is on Unix box.

I am connecting to my server through loginAsServerApp method or serverAppServices.

I found strange behavior after sending debug patch in profile.
PFB logs:

[5/2/12 20:08:29:841 IST] 00000015 SystemOut O STEP 6 -INERACTIVITY :: :: :: :: LOGIN TO CHAT SERVER : : : : :
[5/2/12 20:08:43:897 IST] 00000020 SystemOut O STEP NEW ::::: LOGGED out from SERVER-2147483129

It is getting connected but after few time it is getting disconnected with error code as -2147483129

Please help me how to resolve this issue.

Ruchi Punetha

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