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Clustered Servers
Adam Crawf0rd 07/19/2004 04:34 AM
General 6.5.1 Windows NT/2000

My Sametime environment consists of 4 servers in 2 clusters.
All 4 servers are in the same domain, there are no fire wall issues.
I have created connection documents for each server to the other 3 servers. I have also created cluster documents in the STConfig.
Clustered replication works fine.
Problem - Cluster 1 works fine, however in Cluster 2, users on server 1 cannot see users on server 2. The servers have been setup in exactly the same way as the first cluster.
Another issue is that Cluster 1 users can not see Cluster 2 users.
I am missing something obvious?
I am running Domino 6.03 server, Sametime 6.51 server and accessing using Notes 6.51 client.
Any advice would be appreciated, since I am tearing my hair out trying to find an explanation.

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