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Notes 6 Calendar Oline Meeting Request
mariana teixeira 01/31/2003 08:45 AM
Sametime Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 3.0 Windows NT/2000

I am running one machine with ST 3.0/Dom 5.10 Win200 which is in a sametime domain. I am running our mail & applications server on Domino 6.0. I have cross certified the domains and have created connection documents for replication & mail routing and also created a connection document of type Sametime(?). I created the resource reservation db and created a site and an sametime online resource on the domino 6 server. I also created a mail-in db entry on the ST server for the Sametime mail-in db. I am able to create an online meeting and it actually ends-up in the Sametime mail-in db stcs.nsf. In my calendar entry I have a url to the meeting http://mysametimeserver/servlet/stcal?apptunid=1452342343243243 .

I cannot get to any meeting ! The meeting does not appear on the list of meeting entries ! Where is the documentation to this ? I have looked almost everywhere I can think of. Has anybody tried this and got it to work ?

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