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Moving to Sametime 9
Pam Assivero 06/18/2014 06:11 PM
Sametime Standard 8.5.2 IFR1 Windows

Presently we have a ST8.5.2 server on Windows 2003. I need to move it to a virtual environment and upgrade the OS to 2008 R2. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go to ST9 even though we use minimal functionality. I would be installing on 64-bit OS, but I know that Sametime is a 32-bit app that requires 32-bit Domino.

Presently we just have the Community Server and just use chat and meetings. But I know that they removed that functionality and to continue to have chat and meetings, the install is a bit more involved. In talking to the IT Director, since I'm considering upgrading to ST9 (we're in the process of upgrading our other Domino servers to 9) he would like the ability for our smartphone users to be able to use ST chat, and there has been talk about using audio and video during meetings, but that's not something they want in place right now due to our mediocre bandwidth.

I've been looking through the ST9 Zero to Hero presentation and I've got questions.

1. Am I correct in saying that to get the current fuctionality we have I need the SSC, Community Server, Meeting Server and Proxy Server?
2. Based on the answer to #1, and the fact that I now need DB2 and Websphere, how many servers do I need for this setup? They will all be virtual servers. I haven't seen hardware specifications for these components. Can I use a single core and 4GB of RAM for these VMs? Can any components together on the same server?
3. Do I need a Media Manager server for the audio/video? Anything else? If we aren't using this functionality yet, can I add them at a later time?
4. Are there any files on the ST8.5.2 server that I can bring over to the new installation that will maintain the users buddy lists? I would like to be able to keep the same server name, IP, DNS entries for the new server if at all possible.
5. I saw reference in another document I had been reading about LDAP. We don't use it. Is this required?

I realize there are a lot of questions.
I do appreciate any assistance given.


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