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Creating an nWay Chat in backend
Christian Katzorke 10/24/2003 05:43 AM
Sametime Developers Toolkit 3.0 All Platforms

Hi all,

I have a backend Java application (with Community Server Toolkit) which is logged into Sametime.
The purpose of this service is to have a look at scheduled chatmeetings (not scheduled with stconf.nsf but could also be) with a list of mandatory participants.
At the scheduled time the service should send an invitation to the participants (when logged in of course) and then leave the place immediatelly. Is there any way to create an nWay Meeting without using the ChatUI Interface

-> createMeeting(MeetingTypes meetingType, java.lang.String meetingName, java.lang.String inviteText, boolean showInviteDlg, STUser[] users) defined in ChatUI

because I do not have the UI services loaded when starting the service (because it is a backend app).
Can this be accomplished with PlacesService?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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