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im sametime limited use 9 for w2012 R2
bopedibop bopedibop 10/05/2017 05:13 AM
Sametime Limited Use 9.0 Windows


Iam using the db2 CI6TYML to install it on a w2012 r2 but the msiexec crashes.
Is there another package i can use that have the db2 fixpacks along with it

can i use this one?

I tried this one and did not work either..

IBM DB2 Workgroup Server Edition - Restricted Use V10.5 for Windows on AMD64 and Intel EM64T systems (x64) Multilingual (CIWN9ML )

Had to run it silent

setup.exe -u C:\tmp\PROD_WSE.rsp -l c:\tmp\setup.log

Now its running

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