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Applying fixes for ST9 WebSphere components
Marco Ensing 11/04/2014 11:53 AM
General 9.0 All Platforms

Hi all,

When I patch my ST9 environment with the following
patches do they also automatically include all the fixes that were released earlier?

9001-ST-Media-FP-AGAR-9MCCNK Aug 6, 2014
9001-ST-Proxy-FP-CKEY-9L9JM5 Jul 7, 2014
9001-ST-Meetings-FP-DHOD-9L9PHG Jul 7, 2014
9001-ST-SSC-FP-AGAR-9DLKWF Nov 20, 2013

For example the ST-Proxy component has several fixes available.


Cheers, Marco

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