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Online Meeting not working
Benoit A Dubuc 11/14/2006 01:19 PM
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 7.5 Windows NT/2000

My user created a repetitive Online Meeting in his own Notes calendar, each week on the same day for 8 weeks in a row.

The online Meeting has worked for his first date of the Meeting but since then, the 2 other plan meeting, have not, He got a 404 Error when the internet Explorer open

Can we do repetitive Online Meeting or we need to create each one individually. I test it on my own pc and was suprise to each that each entry where pointing out the same meeting.(the first one), When clicking on one of the link, I was opening the very first Online meeting. I found it really strange and if I connected to it, it was dated to the first one.

Is it possible that we cannot use repetitive tools in the calendar when using Online meeting

Does anyone else experience this problem

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