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'Who's online' indication via XML feed
David Clover 12/10/2008 05:11 AM
Server 8.0.1 Windows

I want to work out if there's a way to interrogate a Sametime server and get back - preferably in an XML format - a list of logged in users with their logged in ID. Ideally we'd access this report via port 80 in real time every few minutes and use it in conjunction with other information we have about people and their location.

We are designing a display board for our foyer which will show if someone is online or offline (in the manner of the manual 'in/out' boards that you sometimes see in reception areas in large offices).

Has anyone any suggestions on this? Is there a documented API for Sametime (we are using 8.0.1) which would be easy to follow in order to create such a list? Just knowing where to start would be useful. Somebody might even have already written something similar we cuold use.

David Clover
IT Development Manager
The Open University
Milton Keynes

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