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[Solved] Policys for Sametime 9 without SSC
Anders Aslund 09/14/2016 12:46 PM
Administration 9.0 All Platforms

I recently installed a Sametime 9.0.1 without SSC.

The admin settings on the http:// /servlet/auth/admin does not have any policy settings.

I cannot activate Rich Text chat, I get error message when trying to paste a picture into the chat. How to activate this?

After some research I finally ran into the file policys.user.xml and edited the line:
<p:policy-attribute id="im.3000" type="boolean" current-value="0" default-value="0" master-attribute-link="null" possible-value-labels="null" possible-values="null" label="im.3000.label" description="im.3000.desc" visible="true" />

Where I set "current-value="1" and restarted Sametime server, now the Notes clients got Screen Capture, but they still cannot use the Rich Text chat.

Any ideas how to continue?

I found this link which identified the "im.3000" property:

[update 20160915]
IBM just informed me that Sametime 9.0.1 is not suppored without SSC, and they do not want to provide any help whatsoever regarding how to edit policies.user.xml. What a joke this is to require Websphere and DB2 just to change some values in a XML-file, something must have gone completely wrong when the product design team designed Sametime 9. What happened here since Sametime used to be a product that was simple to handle?

[update 20160919]
I finally solved it. There is 2 identical files "policies.user.xml" in both the rooth folder [DOMINO PROGRAM FOLDER] and in a sub folder [DOMINO PROGRAM FOLDER]/Policies and it is the one in the root folder that is the key. I updated im.3000 and viola it worked!

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