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Error w/ SSC Update Scheduler on SSC9
Michael Acosta 01/20/2015 05:00 PM
Server 9.0 Linux

Just installed SSC and one issue I see is related to the SSC Update Scheduler under /resources/scheduler in the console.

If I select the SSC Update Scheduler and click on Verify Tables, I get the following message:

Table for scheduler SSC Update Scheduler failed verification. Cause: SCHD0046E: The table SSCSCHEDTREG in datasource jdbc/sscScheduler used by scheduler resource SSC Update Scheduler (sched/sscUpdateScheduler) is missing or is not accessible.

I did not find that table in the database, so I'm a little confused where is that table generated from?

Also, if I click on Sametime System Console / Sametime Prerequisities / Connect to LDAP Server, I see the following exception:

AIDSC0033E: Could not initialize framework.

I believe they may be related as that is the only exception that appears in my SystemOut.log

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.


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