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Security exception on STLinks 6.5.1
Jon Mell1 05/18/2004 08:46 AM
Deverloper Toolkits 6.5.1 Windows NT/2000

Hi there - when using STLinks 6.5.1 (both my own sample code and the sample in the 3.1 toolkit) I get the following error in my java console where "myhostname" is the correct hostname of my machine. This happens from various workstations. Has anyone seen this before?[com/lotus/sametime/stlinks/client/STLinksApplet.a]: cannot connect to "myhostname"
at com/ms/security/permissions/NetIOPermission.check
at com/ms/security/PolicyEngine.deepCheck
at com/ms/security/PolicyEngine.checkPermission
at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.chk
at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.chkex
at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.checkConnect
at java/net/InetAddress.getLocalHost
at com/lotus/sametime/stlinks/client/STLinksApplet.a

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