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Sametime Meeting Invitations via browser
jamie brown 08/08/2007 04:42 PM
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 6.5.1 iSeries (AS/400)


I have sametime server 6.5.5 FP2 on iSeries. We have always used Sametime for Instant Messaging. We are now wanting to do Collaboration Meetings on the web. I have worked through a few issues with this, I can now log onto Sametime via the browser and schedule a meeting with other Sametime user's within my organization. Are automatic invitations not sent like in the Notes Client Meeting Invitations? I schedule an online meeting, I "thought" meeting invitations would be sent? Can any one advise? Also any good links or reference material that you could suggest. I believe we may have configuration issues. I"m not very familiar with sametime, other than chat.

I also tried to create a meeting invitation via my Notes client with an invite to an online meeting. I did create the resource and mailed the invitation, however when it is opened, I receive an HTTP 404 error.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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