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[Solved] Sametime 9 DB Upgrade
Anders Aslund 11/17/2014 03:50 AM
Administration 9.0 All Platforms

I have a question regarding the optimal path for an upgrade of Sametime 8.5.2IFR1 to Sametime 9.

I will set up a parallell environment and when everything is set up we will switch from the Old to the New.

I will reuse only this:
* Sametime Meetings DB
* VPUserinfo

Is this an OK path for the Meeting DB?
1) For the new environment use a fresh Meeting DB during setup and testing
2) Just befor Go-Live of new environment then export the Meeting DB from the old server
3) Import into new server (deleting the testing DB)
4) Run the upgrade scripts

What is your experiences with DB2 databases during an upgrade of a Sametime environment?

[Update 20150218]
Something like this. But I had a major issue with 4), I had to install 2 9.7 instanced and only upgrade one of them since there were some GSK8 issues preventing server from starting.

1) Exported Database on OLD Sametime 8.5.2IFR1
-- "db2 backup stms"
2) Installed a new DB 9.7 and restored
-- db2 “restore database STMS from . TAKEN AT 20150211201008 INTO STMS REPLACE EXISTING”
3) Installed fixpack 10 for 9.7 and upgraded instance
-- db2iupdt db2
4) Upgraded to 10.1 FP4
-- db2iupdt db2
-- db2 upgrade db stms
5) Exported again
6) Imported into new Sametime DB2 10.1FP4
-- applyDDLUpdate.bat migration_meetingServer_85x-90.ddl STMS db2admin

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