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Screen capture not matching
Filip Albert 05/19/2017 06:42 AM
Sametime Standard 9.0 Windows


When taking screenshots using SameTime, from a window on my second screen, the content of the capture does not match the selection made.
Behaviour is identical when making a screenshot starting from a chat window or also with the "Capture screen" option from that Sametime "More..." button.
When taking screencapture from my primary screen => all is OK

Probably has something to do with Win10/Notes handling of scaling or resolution differences of screens

I'm running IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP7 with embedded Sametime
On Win10 on my laptop.
Primary screen is the Laptop's screen (resolution 2560x1440)
Secondary screen is a stand-alone screen (resolution 1280x1024)
Option is set to extend desktop over the two screens.
Seen the high resolution on the primary screen, I had to use "Scaling" to keep content readable.
Primary screen is set to 150%
Secundary screen is set to 100%

Known issue?
Fixes? Workaround?


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