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SSO SAML support for Sametime 9.0.x
Alexander Novak 04/12/2016 09:24 AM
Sametime Standard 9.0 Windows

Did someone installed the Sametime 9 Patch for SSO SAML support ?

After installing/replacing files there is an error messages because of missing policy servlet.

HTTP JVM: Error occurred while loading Servlet (Policy)
HTTP JVM: Class com.lotus.sametime.admin.policy.PolicyServlet could not be located
HTTP JVM: -----Servlet Information-----
HTTP JVM: Servlet name: Policy
HTTP JVM: Servlet class: com.lotus.sametime.admin.policy.PolicyServlet
HTTP JVM: Servlet state: <Error>

After checking the old stcore.jar with the new stcore.jar (from the patch) i found that the following files are missing

I did move the missing servlet manually from the old stcore.jar to the SAML stcore.jar myself but i am not quite sure if there are other future problems.

IBM please correct the download SAML fix

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