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Add a 3rd mux for cluster or not?
Heidi K Elmer 02/02/2010 12:27 PM
Server 8.0.2 Windows

We will be deploying Community Services only in a short time.

I plan to have two separate clusters; one in NA and one in EU.

I also plan to have two stand alone muxes; one for the LA and AP regions that point to the NA cluster. I am hoping this will help with their performance rather than directly connecting each user to the cluster.

I will assign the LA users connect host server to the LA standalone mux and the AP users to the AP standalone mux (which both then point up to the NA Sametime Cluster).

Should I have the rest of the users go directly to the Sametime cluster or put in a 3rd mux for the remaining NA users?

We do not have a large client base - around 4,000 users.


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