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Connecting to 3.1 meetings with win98
Jay C Stillman 10/13/2003 02:19 PM
Sametime Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 3.0 Windows NT/2000

I'm encountering a problem with Sametime 3.1 on 6.02cf2 where windows 98 users are trying to connect to a meeting and getting the error that their java is the wrong version and it gives them a link on the page to download it. Once they redirect and install the client (even after rebooting and verifying that its installed and enabled) they are prompted with once again the same message that the have the wrong java version.

My educated guess would be that IE and Java are at different versions compared to Win2k and WinXP, and when trying to enter a meeting Sametime doesn't recognize the versions. Has anyone come accross this issue and found any work arounds?

Thanks ahead of time.


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