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Packet switcher not working. Error 408
Mike R Harvey 06/08/2011 12:35 PM
Audio/visual services 8.5.1 Linux


I can not get any audio / video working in sametime. On looking through the logs the only thing that I can see is wrong and I assume is causing my problem is the following messages in the SIP Packet Switcher log that appear constantly

[08/06/11 17:22:22:341 BST] 00000016 PacketSwitchR E Error = 408
[08/06/11 17:22:22:341 BST] 00000016 PacketSwitchR E REGISTER URI NOT Successful : <>

I have found this tech note

I have worked through this tech note with no joy.

As it does not mention error 408 does anybody know what that is?

Is there any way that I can add some tracing to narrow this down?

And is this likely to be root cause that is stoping me getting audio / video in sametime??


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