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can sametime BOT call webservice directly
sudakar govindarajan 02/23/2009 06:34 PM
Applications development 7.5.1 CF1; 7.5.1 Windows

In my case, when ever a user asks some query to the BOT and if i am not able find any result, i want to send then a "no result found message" and also a link that says like "notify the admin" and when they click on the link i want a mail to be sent to the admin.

Now how can i do this, i will send a respone in richtext so its not a problem to show link. but how can i send a mail when they click on the link.

Note: i have a webservice that can send mail, but how should i call that from sametime clicnt ?

i need all your suggesstions, please help me out....

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