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meeting room performance tuning
Markku M Hanninen 10/28/2016 04:51 AM
Usability Issues 9.0 Windows


We have customer with small infrastructure (one server each type) installed and we have ran into performance problems with meeting server.

Normal 5-15 user meetings work fine. But when we try to use lecture style meeting for 50-100 users, the audio works perfectly, but the meeting server HTTP interface just breaks down, latency grows and participants joining late have problem getting the meeting server UI to even show up in browser. Most of the users join via browser and audio browser plugin.

Anyone have tips what kind of settings might have an effect. We did monitor network and it is not under big strain, so this is not a network issue, it seems that the meeting server just answers very slowly to HTTP when we have these kinds of meetings(latency up to 4000ms average when the network is 100ms average).

Servers themselves have lots of memory and CPU goes 1-20%.

We have set the jvm settings to 1024/1024 and raised the thread pool to 50/50 on websphere http proxy serving this meeting server.

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