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Surface Pro 3 and Sametime Meetings
Pam Assivero 03/19/2015 05:31 PM
Sametime Standard 9.0 Windows

We've just upgraded our Sametime environment and we're in the testing phase of the new (for us) meeting server. (We have an 8.5.3 Community server still running our Sametime meetings).

I have one user (of course it's the IT Manager) who is using a Surface Pro 3 with the Standard Notes client 9.0.1 installed. He has no issue using Sametime chat, but if he tries to start/attend a meeting, all he gets is a spinning wheel. If he reboots, then it seems to resolve for a while.

We thought it was network related and there is a setting that extends the length of time before the device goes to sleep or something, which we extended to the maximum 4 hours.

I've uninstalled using NICE and reinstalled completely the full client (he has Admin and Designer too) and I've installed the Sametime meetings plug in. And it will work for a while but will stop again. Rebooting seems to resolve it for a whil again.

Two days ago he asked me to fix it again, so this time I deleted cache and the Workspace folder. It seemed to fix it until today when he told me that again, it's not working.

I'm lost. No one else is using the tablet, so I can't compare. And he's not using a laptop right now. I've suggested he add an entry to his host file for the server although I don't think that will make any difference. If he logs out of Sametime and then back in and tries to access a meeting room it still doesn't work.

I'm open to suggestions. And if it is documented somewhere that the embedded meeting rooms don't work on the full client on a tablet, I need the link because that's the only way he will accept it. I mentioned that I thought it was a limitation of the tablet and his response was "but it's windows 8.1". And no, it isn't an RT version. It's Windows 8.1. Pro.

So if anyone has any idea I'd love to hear it.


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