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Unable to install Sametime System Console
Jessie X Elliot 05/07/2013 09:33 PM
Administration 8.5.1 Windows

I have been trying to get the System Console 8.5.1 up and running on a test server. Here are the details:
Win Server 2008 R2 64 bit

I have installed the recommended DB2 - DB2_V95_limited_CD_Win_x86-64.
I accepted most of the defaults with exception of SMTP.

I created the Sametime db using the default name (STSC) from the create createSCDb.bat supplied in the Sametime installation.
I can view the db in the DB2 system console, the permissions are all correct for the db2admin user

I can connect to the db using the Test Connection tool in the configuration assistant and the db2admin username and password.

CLI connection tested successfully.
JDBC connection tested successfully.

Here is the problem.
When I run the installation (launchpad.exe) from the SametimeSystemConsole folder I get as far as the Validate option in the db2 setup.

Entering the same details as in the Test Connection dialogue the validate button does nothing. The Next button remains greyed out and the installation stops.

I have tried several variations of Hostname (fully qualified, IP address etc) nothing seems to work.
The port is correct.
The database name is correct.
The user ID & password are correct.

There is no firewall running on the machine and I have removed the software, cleaned the machine and tried reinstallation with different user details (local admin, db2admin etc). It always stops at the same place.

Has anybody come across this?

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