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Login failed
Steven A. Murray 09/29/2014 01:59 PM
Sametime Entry 8.5.2 IFR1 Windows

So I installed 8.5.2 IFR1 on Domino 8.5.3FP6. I'm able to login to the ST administration screens using IE on the server (so I know it can properly look me up in the PAB). I can even open the address book on the ST server from my client. However, when I try to login to ST from the Notes client (like any user that wanted to chat would), I get "Login failed. Reason: Unable to access Sametime. Please try again later." Ports 1352 and 1533 are open between the desktop and the server. The firewall on the server has port 1352 and port 1533 open. With regard to the dialog box for logging in, the "Host server" is set to the same thing as the "Fully qualified Internet host name" entry on the server doc (, and the user name is the same name I use to log in to administer the server.
What am I missing?

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