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Sametime trial installation
Nonis Malamas 08/04/2010 08:25 AM
Administration 8.0.2 Windows


I'm trying to setup a Sametime environment for application development purposes, but I'm kinda stick in the installation phase.

I'm installing on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 and I've already installed Domino 8.5, Domino admin and have setup the server, created users etc, this part works fine.

The Sametime installation also seems successfull, no problems with the wizard and afterwards I can surf to localhost and get the Sametime intro screen. I can also log in to Sametime (with the client builtin to the Lotus Notes client) as the Domino admin (not with other users). So Sametime itself seems to be up and running.

The problem is when I try to "Administer the Server" in my browser, I cannot log in to the administration site. I'm trying with the Domino admin uid/pwd, but when I type them in and press Log in, it just loads up the same page again, without any error message. If I type the wrong password, it shows me an error message, so it is responding... The exact same thing happens when I try to login to "Sametime meetings" from the intro page.

I should maybe mention that I've installed Sametime version 8.02, which was the only trial download I was able to find.

Kind regards,
- Nonis

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