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8.5 Upgrade
Steve Castellion 03:33 PM
Sametime Entry 8.5; 8.0.2 Windows

I've searched for some answers here and haven't really found what I'm looking for yet...we were using 8.0.2 Sametime Limited Use. I guess that's what it was it now called Entry? I don't know I'm confused. Anyway, we only use Sametime for chat....pretty simple. But I recently upgraded to 8.5 Entry, or so I think...when you log in on the Notes client it still says Sametime 8.0.2. Did something go wrong with the upgrade, or did I miss something? All our servers are 8.5.1FP3...most clients are 8.5.1 as well.

Secondly, ever since the upgrade, sametime will act funky every other day or so. It will freeze up, even though it looks like it's running on the console, but then if I do a show server, or show tasks you can see that it's non-responsive. Reboot, seems fine for another day or two. Also, sometimes it won't show all the users that are online. I have to reboot it again and then that seems to fix that also for a day or two.

And finally...sorry for the long post, but why can't I find the download for 8.5.1 Entry on our passport advantage page? In fact, I don't even see 8.5 anymore although it was there at one point, because I downloaded it and installed it.

Thanks for any responses...

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