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Audio failure with multiple users
Luke P Bootz 12/03/2002 12:10 PM
Sametime Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 2.5 Windows NT/2000

We have a client that uses a Raptor firewall by Symantec. We determined that she could only get audio when none of her co-workers were in the same meeting. Once one of her co-workers entered the meeting, audio would stop. Once they left, audio would start again. The firewall was doing NAT but we are unsure about PAT. The Raptor firewall also has some proxy functionality, which as we all know is Kryptonite for Sametime.
Also, when this user enters a test meeting with a person from behind a different firewall, audio works fine. When she attends an audio meeting that has a number of participants (30 in this case), she cannot hear audio even though she is the only person from behind her firewall attempting to attend. Please advise.

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