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Slow groups loading in Lotus Notes Instant Contact list
Fred Janssen 05/20/2008 08:20 AM
Sametime Entry 8.0.1 Windows

Steps to reproduce:

- Start Lotus Notes and Log-in into Sametime.
- Open Instant Contact List
- Expand (multipurpose) group with multiple on-line contacts (15 group members): this takes forever: in some cases on-line contacts are never shown.

But when adding a new user, all on-line contacts appear immediately.
When an other user logs-in, THAT user will show in the contact list. Others still won't.

This problem does not appear for persons in the Instant Contact list (only for Group members).

Lotus Notes 6.5.4 (on Citrix) Integrated Sametime client
Locally installed Lotus Notes 6.5.5 client experiences the same delays.

SSO used for log-in to Sametime.

Sametime Entry 8.0 on Domino 7.0.3FP1 on Win2K (VMware) in domain separate from production Domino domain (which is still on Domino 6.5.x).
LDAP used from production Domino domain.
Maximum 25 active Sametime users.

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