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Error registering gateway with ssc
Max Stuke 08/17/2016 05:42 AM
Sametime Gateway 9.0 Windows

Hi everyone,

im getting an error trying to register a sametime gateway with the ssc.

Im running the registerproduct.bat after filling out as well as

However at the end of the batchfile im getting the following output.

preReqType :Database
Vorbedingung wird angehängt -Database
Fehler beim Anhängen der erforderlichen Komponente -Database
Stellen Sie sicher, dass die abhängige Vorbedingung bei der Sametime System Console registriert ist.

translating roughly to:

preReqType :Database
Prerequisite getting appended -Database
Error appending necessary component -Database
Make sure the required prerequisite is registered with the Sametime System Console.

Logging into SSC, i can see unde "Prerequisites for Sametime" -> "Connect to DB2 Database" there is a registered DB2 instance.

Has anyone experienced this, and can offer some help ?
Kind regards.

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