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Meeting client 3.1 not working on Linux???
Kai-Uwe Rommel 07/11/2003 09:42 AM
Sametime Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 3.0 All Platforms

I have tried the new ST 3.1 client on Linux. I have a system exactly as specified by Lotus:
- RedHat 7.3
- Netscape 7.02
- JRE 1.4.1

I can use ST Connect for Browsers and it works fine so far. I can even create a meeting and start it and the Meeting Room client on Linux starts.

However, once it is finished loading, it does not respond to any user input nor external events. I can type something into the chat area but it does not get sent (and not echoed locally). When other people join the meeting, the list does not get updated in my windows.

And if I click on "Whiteboard", it *does* ask me if I want to switch (so the program is not dead) but regardless of my choice, I don't get the Whiteboard displayed (even though the buttons at the top border change and the tool bar with the drawing tools appears).

What's wrong here?

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