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presence awareness in DWA and Porta
John Jorthan 03/30/2009 06:56 AM
Sametime Entry 8.0.1 Linux


I installed sametime8.0.1 on RHEL5 with SSO enabled using Domino LDAP and configured this to provide presence awareness for a mail server.

everything seemed to be working fine for one month with less amount of users(50 http users) in the UAT environment.

now the server is in production and about 100 users are accessing the sametime concurrently both from Portal and DWA.

one week back, i was told that users were not able access sametime from both websphere portal and DWA. The DWA showed "IM Failed" in the interface. So i thought it would be a problem with HTTP Active threads and i increased the HTTP Active threads to 400 in both Mail server as well as sametime server.

Then i restarted the whole box. it started working fine for sometime and i got same problem last friday.

Actually,when i log into DWA, it shows IM Failed. but if i see the sametime server http users, it shows that the user has logged on. At that time, no one is able to access the sametime server except the users who connect via IM of Lotus Notes Client.

But if i restart the staddin task , then the users are able to access the sametime and it lasts for only two days and problem occurs again.

does anyone know why this problem occur?

can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance..


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