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Does the Standalone Sametime Connect 9 client allow for multi user logins>?
Pam Assivero 06/01/2015 11:43 AM
Sametime Connect Client 9.0 Windows

We have a desktop in our boardroom where people will sign in to the Sametime meeting server and run their meeting. We recently upgraded from the ST 7.5 Community Server so they automatically used the browser for their meeings. However we just upgraded to the new ST 9 Meeting server.

We've got it set up so they can use the browser for their meetings, but I thought it may be easier when they're looking for their meeting rooms if they are able to sign in to the Sametime Connect standalone client.

I have installed it, and I thought it was working okay but there were some odd things happening.

1. The first time someone used it after I tested, it allowed him to log in, but his name was being displayed as the previous user. To clear this, I had to reset the user on the client.

2. It worked for the next person okay.

3. The next time the first user logged in (he hosts a weekly meeting), he was unable to log out of it even though it showed him not logged in. No one else seems to be able to log in. And I can't reset the user. Nor can I remove the community, even though we do allow it.

Is there an entry I should have in the connect.ini?
Should I give up on this solution and just use the web browser?
Is there a cache file or something I can delete or clear out to reset this client?


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