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SameTime Links Place-based Awareness
Ivan K Evans 03/23/2004 06:03 PM
Deverloper Toolkits 3.0 Windows NT/2000

I'm using SameTime 3.1 on top of Domino 6.0.2CF2 hosted on Windows NT. The end users are accessing a chat room that I started using the Place Chat Windows available in the SameTime Links Toolkit section called Place-based Awareness. Everything is working as expected except when the users minimize the chat window. If the window is minimized and the user receives a new message, the window pops into the foreground. If the window is hidden behind an active application (like Lotus Notes) and a new message is received, the chat window will remain in the background until the window is selected from the sys tray. This behavior is predictable on Win2000 but not on WinXP. Why is that? Also, is there a way to keep the chat window minimized when a new message is received in the chat room? I would appreciate any help on this. I've checked all the previous entries in the forum and several other resources but can not find any documentation on this. Thanks in advance.

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