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Embedded Sametime Chat Window Size
Jens Schwendemann 05/06/2010 08:07 AM
Usability Issues 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

Hi all,
I'm having problems with the default chat window size of a embedded (8.0.2) client on a 7.5.1 cf1 server

If a user opens the chat window it is so small the toolbar is actually hidden by the business card information. When he resizes the window, everything is ok as long as the window remains open. But as soon as he closes the chat window and then reopens it it is back to the small size.

Do you have any ideas where to adjust the default size of the window? Any pref files or plugin-customization.ini parameters?

I also found this sametime.ini parameter ST_FIXED_CHAT_SUPPORTED=1 that could fix the issue (see:

However I'm pretty sure that the client in fact DID remember the screen size of the chat window and now stopped doing so.

Any clues?

Thanks and kind regards

Jens Schwendemann

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