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Sametime Console Login Not Working
Anthony W Lucarelli 10/03/2011 10:12 AM
Administration 8.5.2 Windows

I have 1 sametime server, it will only be used for chat and I am trying to allow outside users access to use it. My first install I didn't have tunneling configured and the outside client couldn't hit it due to firewall issues. So I reconfigured the sametime client using tunneling... Now I am having an issue installing the proxy server, via the console due authentication issues.

I can no longer log in to my console, when I hit this page and type in the user name and password, I get an invalid username and password.

I know the username and password is correct, but I am confused why I can't access this page. Does it have something to do with the tunneling? Do I need to update my virtual host file (how can I do this manually)?

Any help is appreciated, I have very little sametime experience, so I am trying to learn as I go. Everytime I feel like I am making progress I feel like I end up getting knocked back. So close yet so far away type of thing.

Thanks in advance.

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