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Minimum ST Entry Server setup
Chuck Connell 09/21/2010 02:49 PM
Administration 8.5.1 Windows

I am trying to set up the minimum workable ST Entry Server 8.5.1 configuration. I am doing this on Windows Server 2008 and Domino 8.5.2. I ran the installer for ST Entry Server 8.5.1 on that machine. The installer ran with no errors, Domino starts with no errors, and the Domino console shows Sametime as “running”.

I have not configured LDAP, ST System Console, or DB2. The documentation states that these are all required, but I suspect this is not true. The installer and sametime.ini imply that LDAP is an optional authentication method, along with Domino native authentication. I want the minimum working setup.

My ST server is not working correctly. So my question is: are the above items REALLY required?

Chuck Connell

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