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You are not authorized to access stcenter.nsf
Pascal Feldmann 06/20/2014 04:56 AM
Administration 9.0 Windows


I just recently upgraded to Sametime 9.01 (Community Server) from 8.5.2. But I'm unable to open stcenter.nsf via

The error is always "you are not authorized to access this server". The weird thing is that when add the user to the ACL that it disappears from the ACL after a while. I also tried to stop the Sametime Server and add then the user to the ACL, but the ACL seems to get overwritten magically.

I also tried to remove the write permission from the server, but then noteven the logon-promt is showing.

This ACL problem is only with the stcenter.nsf. stconf.nsf works.

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