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Sametime in iNotes
Stefan Slezak 07/16/2015 04:49 AM
Sametime Standard 9.0 Linux


I have installed DB2, SSC and Community server on one box.
STProxy is installed on the second box.
My LDAP is Tivoli Directory server.
I use directory assistance database for iNotes login
There is enabled name mapping in da.
SSO is configured on WAS, inotes server and sametime community server

I have problem with logging to sametime via iNotes.

After logging to iNotes client I got Sametime error 500.
There is this message in the SystemOut.log of STProxy_profile

00000108 LTPAServerObj E SECJ0373E: Cannot create credential for the user <null> due to failed validation of the LTPA token. The exception is CWWIM4001E
The 'CN=Joh Smith,OU=A,O=Acme' entity was not found.

I think that CN=Joh Smith,OU=A,O=Acme isn't correct form.
It is a value of mapping attribute from TDS.
If I disable name mapping in DA, my integrated client can connect to sametime

If I have enabled name mapping, at first I have to login to the stweb client or sametime community server/names.nsf and then to iNotes. My login will succesfull

I tested SSO and here are results:
SSO between sametime community server and stproxy web client works fine in both ways

SSO between sametime community server and iNotes server works fine in both ways but automatic login to integrated sametime client works only in way:
sametime community server > iNotes server

SSO between stproxy web client and iNotes server works fine only:
stproxy web client > iNotes server (same for integrated sametime client)


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