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Unable to access DWA after restart the Sametime svr.
gc gan 06/27/2008 02:48 AM
Server 7.5 Windows

I have a Sametime 7.5 svr install on top of the Domino Mail svr (I know this is not encourage) with http tunneling, SSL is apply for DWA. I have create a new SSL for the DWA due to the Issuer name in existing cert different than the mail svr FQDN. After done create the SSL cert, this cert was successfully apply to DWA but the IM is not function in DWA. So i try to restart the Sametime svr, but after restart, the browser hang and unable to load the DWA after user login. The users only able to login to the DWA after all the Sametime services is disable.

Does anyone have any idea what's going wrong on the Sametime server?

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