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Audio latency, sound delay in online meetings
bopedibop bopedibop 11/28/2007 05:14 AM
General 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

Hi ppl

There is a latency in audio in a online meeting, not in the st client. Even if i run "test a meeting"

Can you set the sametime server to not buffer the audio?

I have tested changing the

"Audio/Video jitter buffer" to 10 or 100 resulted in no particulary improvement.

Audio frames per packet=1, tried to have blank then it didnt work at all.

tried changing the "Type of Connection Speed Setting" still delay

As i understand you only have 3 options for sound perfomance?

The network or the server hardware is no issue, and the sound in the sametime client is great. So there is something in the meeting. Is there any unsupported tricks we can try?

Please give me a tip

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