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ST 3.1 won't load full LDAP directory
Greg Walrath 09/30/2003 04:43 PM
Sametime Administration 3.0 Windows NT/2000

I'm running Sametime 3.1 on Domino 6.0.2 CF1. I have it pointed to our Domino-based LDAP servers, running Domino 5.0.12. People can authenticate just fine, and I can manually add any group or person from that directory to my buddy list. However, when I go to the Directory... button, many users and hundreds of groups are missing from the list.

When I do a trace on the LDAP directory load and look at the ST_Directory debug file, it shows that it successuflly connects to the LDAP server and downloads about 16K users, and about 80 groups. The problem is that there are closer to 20K users, and 1000 groups.

I've set all the timeout limits in Sametime, and it stops pulling in users and groups long before it hits this limit, and I've got the download limit set to '0' on the Domino LDAP server. I can't find any rhyme or reason for the groups and users it does pull down, but it consistently doesn't pull down the same ones every time - like me, my boss (eek!), and others in our group.

Anyone run in to this? Have a solution?

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