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Can't startup services / Services are disabled
Gabriel T Amorim 05/14/2010 10:03 AM
Sametime Entry 8.5 Windows

Recently we upgraded a Domino Server to version 8.5. After that we scheduled and upgraded Sametime to the same version. Our version is the Sametime Entry.

However, it came to happen that now the Sametime services aren't running anymore. From the console it shows up something like this:

Sametime: Service [Shared Object Server] is disabled.
Sametime: Service [Material Manager] is disabled.
Sametime: Service [Capacity Monitor] is disabled.
Sametime: Service [Calendar Service] is disabled.
Sametime: Service [Broadcast Gateway] is disabled.

* (it isn't the real log - I don't have access right now)

From the Domino Tasks (or sh tasks) we can see "Sametime: Running" but not its services. Also, through 'services.msc' the Services are not started and they cannot be started from there too.

I've searched the forum and found some similar problems but not a provided solution well explained - somebody told it could be something about the "Host Definition"?!

Does anyone have any tips on this?

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