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invite/add user to a place
Dan Dormont 06/08/2004 11:57 AM
Deverloper Toolkits 3.0 All Platforms

I am using the Sametime 3.0 Java toolkit. I would like to initiate a meeting (place) and then add two or more additional users to it. I have figured out how to create a Place and enter() it, and how to lookup users, but not how to add other people to the ongoing chat.

Ideally what I'd like is to be able to have Sametime Connect users get the same little inivitation popup they would get if I use the "Invite Others" from the Sametime IM window.

This is a server-side application so it does not need any GUI components. I'm using the Client Toolkit because I don't have the ability to run this on the actual Sametime server itself, but I can log into it using the toolkit.

I tried the following but it didn't seem to work:

m_places = (PlacesService) session.getCompApi(PlacesService.COMP_NAME);
System.out.println("going to initiate the call");
place = m_places.createPlace("mychat", "Dan chat", com.lotus.sametime.core.constants.EncLevel.ENC_LEVEL_DONT_CARE,
place.addPlaceListener(new PlaceAdapter() {
public void entered(PlaceEvent e) {
place.invite15User(user, "Please join my chat", true);

But my user never sees the invitation.

Any advice/pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

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