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Browse For Name button not working for one server
Dave Sutherland 10/09/2008 01:25 AM
Administration 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

Our Sametime server is set to look up 2 different servers via LDAP. Until very recently, everything was working fine. However, for one of the 2 servers, the Browse For Name button does not work when trying to add a new contact or specify meeting recipients. If changing to the other server in the drop down list, the list of contacts is automatically displayed. Weirdly, the Lookup button does work for the same server indicating that LDAP is working properly. Checking the server console of both the Sametime server and server it is looking up confirm that LDAP is active and servicing requests.

I adding in some more debugging for the sametime.ini and checked the results in the sametime.log file after restarting the Directory service which produces the error "Open directory has failed - internal error (0x3)". I have found a couple of hits for this error in this forum but nothing has helped.

I have checked the LDAP and DA settings thoroughly and nothing has changed.

Any suggestions?

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