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Intermittant access to screen capture in Sametime 8.5.1
Chris J Armstrong 06/09/2011 02:46 PM
Sametime Standard 8.5.1 Windows

I've got a weird problem with the screen captures in Sametime..
I have installed Sametime Standard Server 8.5.1 on our Windows Server 2008 R2 server which also runs Domino Enterprise Server 8.5.2.

My users use Notes 8.5.2 with the integrated Sametime client (8.5.1 version, I upgraded it separately from the previous 8.0.2 version).
Now, when I open my first chat window after starting Notes, I can use screen captures, but if I open subsequent chat windows, even to the same person, I don't get the screen capture icon.

I'm a newbie to all this - it was working a month ago but then our previous Windows server blew up - this new one is one I installed, I put Domino on it, that side of things is working OK, it's just Sametime which is showing this weird behaviour.

We had lost the screen cap icon completley until I reinstalled Sametime Standard Server (I started with Entry but then noticed it doesn't support screen caps), now we get it for only the first chat window we use.
Anyone else hit this problem?

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