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Move to new machine
Peter B Williams 07/09/2013 05:37 AM
Administration 8.0.1 Windows

Dear All,

I have an installation of Domino Server v7 and IBM Sametime 8.0.1. (The Domino domain has only that dedicated Domino Server.)

I want to use a new HW to migrate the whole installation.
Can anyone help me with the procedure so everything works without end users notice anything?

What I have in mind is:
1. Install OS, give same FQDN, IP etc to the new HW (it will be offline)

2. Copy from existing installation and paste to the new HW the folders of Domino Server, Lotus Notes Clients, Sametime Server in the same paths

3. Install Domino Server and Clients pointing to the pasted folders

4. Install Sametime Server pointing to the pasted folders

5. Start Domino Server

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